American Hotel Stories

From Big Sur to Boston, this enticing volume follows in the footsteps of Jim Morrison, Marilyn Monroe, Tennessee Williams, Al Capone, Clint Eastwood, Esther Williams, and some of America’s most famous personalities and hotel guests.

Which famous star stayed at the Biltmore in Coral Gables? Where did notorious Beat writer Jack Kerouac seek refuge? Which beloved entertainer still performs in the cafe of The Carlyle in Manhattan? Which folk singer produced an album and a child in the Hotel Chelsea?

The myths, the mysteries, and the affairs unravel city by city in this captivating book by travel writer Francisca Matteoli. A comprehensive appendix guides you to a select list of the nation’s most unique hotels to make your own story.

# 160 pages – 200 images
# Publisher: Assouline (17/04/2009)
# English
# ISBN-10: 2759402703
# ISBN-13: 978-2759402700

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