News from France, New York and elsewhere

Here I am again with my now traditionnal update for English speakers. A lot of things happened these past days…

First of all, I wrote a short story on the « living space » I look for each time I travel, since the day I was born, at the end of the world, at the foot of the Andes mountains (Cordillera). The picture was taken in Iguaçu, Brazil. I chose it because I was « almost » born in the jungle. At least, that is how the rest of the world imagined the Andes mountains when my parents lived there… Also, Iguaçu is a fabulous living space.

Second, I spoke about my sister Alejandra di Andia who created uniforms for luxury hotels and other elegant locations. We talked about what matters, for us, in life – and when we arrive in a hotel which calls itself a palace or luxurious. For both of us, its the authenticity. And the attention given to the finest details (such as uniforms). Check out her work on her website, and do not hesitate to contact her!

On another note, I wrote about my New York book signing. There were a lot of people. I gave many interviews — you will find the one from Harper’s BAZAAR and Forbes Magazine on my website. A huge thanks to my publisher Assouline, his team (in particular to Mimi and Cara), and all those who came to the Andaz hotel. You are great.

Third, you will also find a short story on the United States and the power this gathering of States represents. At a time when Europe is defining itself, I was very much sensitive to the American flag present everywhere, showing States so different, reunited, and people who make an effort to get along, no matter what.

Lastly, I revealed my favorite New York addresses (with links). These are places which truly have a special atmosphere and offer, in my view, a particularly magic vision of the City. And which represent the New York that I love, most disconcerting, crazy, ultra modern yet old fashioned, and human at once.

That is all for today,
Hasta luego and more news soon…

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  1. Hola Francisca, mucho gusto to hear from you! I will look all your links up! Thanks for sending me a hint. I hope you are well and happy. Cheers from Angela in Germany

  2. Anonymous dit :

    We are going to NYC in sept and it’s exactly what I was looking for !

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