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That’s it, it’s the end of this long journey through Scotland. I wanted to rediscover the country of my mother, who left to live in Chile in her early twenties (there is a short story about our family on my website My husband and I crossed almost the entire country in a rented Mini Cooper, without making any reservations… The result: a quite unexpected trip! In every story, you will find links so as to learn more about our various discoveries. I also wrote on the pride I felt being half Scottish while observing the wonderful landscapes (so similar to some parts of Chile – as following…), learning about the Sinclair clan (my mother’s clan) which dates back to the 15th Century and partly inspired Dan Brown for his Da Vinci Code (the part in the Rosslyn Chapel…). My text on the Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, one of the historic places of the clan, also has numerous links so you can ‘virtually’ discover it. What more is there to say? It was fascinating, great fun, interesting, surprising and even loopy at times… As should be any trip. I also gave my favorite addresses, so do not hesitate to share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I am now finishing my next book (my books are available on Amazon, and you can read more about these on my blog in the « Books » section – the English version follows the French one), traveling some more… and preparing another summary very soon.

Latest news.
Rosemary Neave very kindly spoke of my work and blog: – Rosemary is living in New Zealand and her blog is a veritable goldmine of information for women who travel, so visit it now! Moreover, Rosemary has an exquisite sense of humor and contagious energy.

…Just like my mother as when I told her one of her ancestors had emprisoned his son for 7 years in the far end of the castle, without giving him a single drop of water, she answered: « They knew how to keep ados in their place in those days! »

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  1. Lina dit :

    What a blend of cultures ! Wow ! Thanks for sharing.
    Jennifer (PS/I want to meet your Mum !!)

  2. Claire dit :

    Dear Francisca,
    This is so fun ! I’m smiling reading it ! Greetings from Germany
    xo Claire

  3. Ally dit :

    Très beau périple et votre mère a un bel humour ! Merci et faites une bonne route ! Ally from Genève

  4. Dear Francisca,
    you sure sound like an interesting broad-minded travelling woman! Thank you for answering to my last comment. My blog is called, in case you want to learn more about me. I will try to visit all your other blogs and links and even see if I understand all the French. I learned French in my German school and also in America where my teacher had such a horrible American accent that I was very fascinated to listen to her, but didn`t learn much.
    My daughetr, however, has a Scottish accent when she speaks English (me, American).
    Scotland is a place I`d also like to visit. I have friends in Edinburgh, so maybe one day?
    I`d like to hear more about you. Where did you meet Janelle?
    Cheers from Angela

    • Francisca dit :

      Ha, ha ! Great message, Angela. Congratulations on your blog and thank you for this fun note. Parts of my blog are in english so you won’t have to remember your French lessons ! Cheers and stay in touch, please.

  5. Does this site have a page on Facebook?

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